Thursday, February 28, 2013

Design Thoughts of a Cuff Bracelet

  Have you ever wondered how we Twisted Sisters' come up with new designs?  Sometimes the journey is an evolution. The design may start out as one idea and somewhere down the road the piece turns into something completely different.  That's what makes our designing process so much fun.
6 gauge copper cuff with antique button and lace

  Let's take for instance this copper cuff.  I have made many of these and no two are alike.  In the beginning the initial cuff starts out like it's gallery mates.  Through the torch annealing and forging process I begin to think about whether I want the bracelet to be contemporary or give it an antique flare.


 With this particular cuff I decided to dig into my mother's button stash.

my mother's buttons from the 30's, 40's and 50's

After choosing just the perfect focal button, I went for my grandmother's tatting which I use very sparingly.

my grandmother's tatting

beautiful silk ribbon

Then I matched it with just the perfect silk ribbon from the ribbon pile.  

I decided sterling silver wire wrapping would tie together the silver button and give the cuff continuity.

I love using carpet tacks for riveting so these silver colored tacks worked perfectly. 
   The end result is a unique one-of-kind piece of jewelry.

Living Life Through Creativity!