Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From a Blank Silk Canvas to a Beautiful Accessory

  This summer we are focusing on teaching fun and creative classes.

  This class in silk scarf painting focuses on letting go of your inhibitions and allowing the silk fabric to guide you in your creation.  Let's get started!

  Choosing colors can be one of the hardest decisions.  Once you have decided on your palatte,
attach the blank silk scarf to a frame using thumbtacks.  Make sure it is evenly stretched and has no wrinkles.  Each frame is made for a specific size scarf.

   At this point you will need to have some idea as to what your design will be.

If you are going to draw a pattern, it must be done with a product called "resist". 
Resist is a liquid that prevents the dye from flowing past a certain point.  For this scarf  Mary chose not to use resist. 

You will begin with the background color.  From there, blend in  the other colors.  Each color needs to dry completely in order to achieve the desired effect.

A second color is now being applied to the background.  You can use as many colors as you wish . 

                Be creative!

  Spraying water on the now totally dry scarf will give it a mottled effect.  If you are still not satisfied with your design, you can continue adding dyes.  It is not always clear what you will end up with , but that is part of the fun. 

The finishing touches!
  Once the scarf is dry, it then has to be rolled up in brown packing paper and set in a steamer for two hours.  The next step is washing the scarf.   Any dye that has not permeated the silk will  be washed away.  Then it is pressed and ready to be worn.  Making a silk scarf is an involved process but very rewarding when you see the end results.
   Our design studio has several classes available from which to choose.  You will find them listed on our web site.  Come by yourself or bring a friend.  We will work around your schedule.

             Let's Create!


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