Saturday, July 14, 2012

So You Think You Aren't Artistic?

   This past week we taught an enameling class to three ladies eager to delve into a new art.  We love teaching classes like this as so many of our students think they have zero artistic talent.  That is so not true.  Art, like everything else, is about learning, being shown a skill and putting your knowledge into hands-on creating. 

Designing is a critical first step
   We started by explaining the art of enameling, talking about working safely, the tools and supplies needed to work in this medium and then began the hands-on teaching.  They learned about design and how important it is to know how you are going to construct your piece before you apply the enamel.  Next they learned how to cut copper sheet metal with a disc cutter, drill the cut piece and dome the copper with a dapping block. 

Torch firing
 They learned the difference between torch firing and kiln firing and the different stages  the enamel goes through before it begins to flow.  After mastering torch firing, they moved on to kiln firing.

Their awesome enameled jewelry!

   It is fun to watch the students create.  These gals did a wonderful job and created some awesome pieces.  Congratulations ladies!  It was a joy to work with you!

    Our design studio has several classes available from which to choose.  Check our  class list on the website, grab a friend or come by yourself.  We will work around your schedule. 

                               Open your mind, be creative, learn a new art!

Author:  Debra
Twisted Sisters' Designs


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